Motorhome care

Make it shine again

Your motorhome or caravan is a valuable asset and will hold its value if kept in tiptop condition. We can take years off the appearance and increase its value with our three stage process detailed below.

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For all motorhome repairs, mechanical, servicing or cosmetic, we are specialists. Our large workshops and qualified technicians are equipped for all makes and models of motorhomes, campers, caravans and RVs.

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SMART repair

Minor scratches or scuffs that you may think will cost a fortune - get a price. At PJ Rhodes, we carry out SMART repairs which means we will repair and paint these little areas very locally, saving you money.

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Our three-stage revitalisation process from just £345 plus VAT

Thorough wash down

Have your adventures left your motorhome looking dull and dirty? A thorough wash down will remove much of that accumulated road grime.

Complete machine polish

Now the hard work begins. We gently rub out light scratches with a fine paper, apply cutting pastes and completely machine polish the vehicle.

Finishing wax and brush

The final stage of the process involves a brush touch up to cover minor scratches and a complete wax which brings back the shine.

Air Conditioning

It is a recommended procedure to recharge your air conditioning every three years. Our full system clean and gas recharge maintains efficiency and performance. An air conditioning service will give that lovely rush of cool air

but also neutralise odours and protect against undesirable bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Prices from £110 plus VAT

Wheel Alignment

Correct steering geometry and wheel alignment is essential for safe driving and optimum performance. Given the size and nature of a motorhome and the distances travelled, you want to get there safely and as economically as

possible. Incorrect steering geometry and wheel alignment impacts on fuel efficiency and tyre wear, costing you more in money and hassle.
Prices from £95 plus VAT

Relationships and approvals

  • BSI Kitemark approved
  • Ageas approved
  • Ford approved
  • Mazda approved
  • Hyundai approved
  • Tesco Bank approved